Friday, August 28, 2009


I recently gave a dear friend prayer cards..

here is one of the beautiful prayers....

In the stillness of this breath
I can take comfort in knowing I am
Part of something greater than myself.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sound trumpets in the sea of heavens
that find solace in your soul
sing melodies across the land
that bring meaning to your whole
breathe love upon the universe
in laughter, smiles and tears
dance upon the dewdrops whet
let go of latent fears
and smile amidst humanity
that grips the test of time
As each step walked creates the path
of God's beautiful divine...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prayer Request.. and "Soul Mates"

It is said that persons are lucky if they find even one soulmate in life. .. I am a firm believer in soulmates but that they do not typify a specific kind of love or relationship but that they denote two individuals who connect in a unique, special and rare way that transcends earlthy explaination.

I have felt so fortunate to find 3 soulmates along life's walk, all of whom are dearly loved perhaps in different ways and each relationship so unique and special. Within each relationship I have not only experienced a "soul" connection, but often there have been experiences beyond explaination. Just a couple nights ago I dreamt of calling a dear friend and telling him of an accident of my soul sister Julie. .. But 24 hours after the dream .. it came true. Yesterday I felt the Good Lord's nudge to call dear Julie. As she answered the phone she cried and said the Lord must of sent my call to her. The night I had the dream it turns out she had a difficult car crash, losing the car and getting very banged up. I am so glad she wasn't more seriously hurt as my dear brother died 12 years ago having suffered a grand mal seizure and a single car crash into a tree (with 2 tons of equipment in the trailer behind him). ... Later that night I too shared with my dear friend about Julie's accident.

Its funny how the Lord works sometimes. ... There are times life brings questions of God's wishes for our journey, and others that the Lord's presence is so apparent...

I'd appreciate prayers for my friends, loved ones, and Julie.

Thank you for stopping by



Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sometimes we are gifted

with opportunities

of fantastic experiences

in doing what we love

with those loved

and those special moments

forever leave footprints

upon the soul