Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book of Eli-Powerful Lessons

Saw the movie the "Book of Eli" after talking with a dear friend. Though the movie is violent in some places, there are many powerful messages. ... I too am reminded of how many of the smallest things we take for granted. Within the movie, mere KFC clean wipes are like gold, water a precious commodity, and toys, vegetation, and children nearly non-existent. How often do we search for the bigger, better, brighter, glitzier? Yet it is the precious experiences, relationships, faith, hope and love of God, self and others that fuel the light within the journey.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vegas... much more versatile than anticipated!

Greetings all,

It has been a little while since I've stopped by as on a whim I found a wonderful deal (air and 4 days in a beautiful condo resort) outside of Vegas for only $270/person! I couldn't believe it! Though we don't gamble, we saw the Cirque Du Soleil Beetles Love show, and my husband and daughter thought it the most spectacular thing they've ever seen... we too enjoyed tours of casinos, free shows, wonderful food, a tour of Hoover Dam and lake Mead and hikes in the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon.... What beauty!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can you Hear Me?

Can you Hear Me?
She cries
as the Earth Trembles On
Mother Where are You?
Where Have you Gone?

I'm Hungry and Thirsty
Please Someone Hear
I'm Hurting and Alone
Please, Come Here

Silence Responds
Her House has Collapsed
It seems as though Days
With No One
Has Elapsed

Why, oh Why
This Tragedy?
Someone Please Hear...
Please Help Me

Will we Respond
To the Calls of our Friends?
Will we Send Help
and Restore Hope Again?

For If Each one Heard
and Responded to the Call
We can Send Food and Water
Assistance for All

Let us Bow Down in Prayer
for our Fellow Haitians
Let us Send our Assistance
And Restore Hope Again

Can you Hear Me?
She Cries
as the Earth Trembles On
Mother Where are You
Where have You Gone?


I again humbly pray for those in Haiti and that we all may offer assistance. A mere text HAITI to 90999 will send $10 via your phone bill to the Red Cross. Or to

There are so many ways, I pray we may each help.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Decade Starts Tomorrow!!.. Perspectives of life, health and devastation

Greetings All,

I pray you are well. ... As the new year and decade were upon us I thought, great, healthy start! As previously shared I wound up with a freak accident banging my head, wound up in the hospital the second time in a month... (the other due to congenital issues), and today was in a car accident with a HUMMER! Toyota Camry, vs. Hummer... guess who wins?! It has been 12 years since my serious car accident where I was nearly killed and 10 years since I've gotten a traffic violation.. (knock on wood). No violation today, but I've decided I need to start my decade tomorrow :). ..... As one who tries to take such good care, remains exceedingly fit for my 45 year old body, I am mindful that perhaps as folks said, I have 9 lives. ... Yet too, I must maintain faith, hope and optimism as I am so grateful I wasn't more seriously hurt today. I too think of how we must all stop, pray and be mindful of the devastation in Haiti. If we all take the time even to give what we can through the Red Cross or some of the other relief agencies, we can make such a difference. I promise to help out, won't you too?

I guess no matter that which we hold as "a bad day".. there is always perspective taking, and the mere sight of the devastation in Haiti brings me to my knees.

May you all be well
Peace and Blessings

Monday, January 4, 2010

Delayed Greetings...

Greetings all,

I'm sorry to be so long to post... the holidays provided much enjoyment with friends and family but sadly while amidst travel in Wisconsin I took a hit to the head a couple days ago and wound up spending last night in the hospital yet again (2nd time in a month)... It's funny... no matter how hard we try to take care of ourselves, be healthy, workout, be optimistic, and stay fit, sometimes congenital issues paired with freak accidents bring us to the curve balls of life. ... No matter what comes along, I am mindful of the precious nature of the journey.

Prayers to all of you for a beautiful new year. Perhaps it a couple days I'll post my "resolutions" poem :)