Saturday, March 27, 2010

there are days...

As it is nearing 11pm (yes, the post time is always wrong below)... I stop to reflect and pray before bed. .. I was grateful for the day, a shared early Palm Sunday service, and for times that touch the soul...

There are days when we share with a deeply valued friend and spend time with those loved that we are reminded of the precious walk of life and the beautiful moments that throughout the years hold forever in the heart, minds, and time...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A revisit from the poetic song in my soul.. cat talk

In Memory of Midnight: 4/15/1997- 3/3/2010

Here's our adorable Polydactyl "Mittens" with our new cat- Casper Jack (his name was Casper but my daughter wanted it to be Jack after "Jack Johnson" :)

Our new cat- Casper Jack... the most affectionate cat you can imagine!

Here's Midnight with Oreo- Oreo died in 2007- also 13 at time of death

You can see why we call here "Mittens"

It has been some time since I stopped by in the powerful e-space. ... I humbly realize the past 6 months has brought me so much delight, and so much pain, joys, and tears, and perhaps in a small span of time has represented the hills and valleys we all go through in life. In addition to 2 hospitalizations a semi-unemployed husband, a car accident, difficulty with a hurtful act towards me (and a dear friend) from someone in a supervisory position and the stress that has culminated, the diagnosis of a tumor, and the death of my dearly loved cat... I too have to admit that there have been joys in times spent with those loved, in a couple delightful trips, and in the everlasting joy that comes in faith in the good Lord. ... I continue to pray for the outcome of the surgery, and too for a dear friendship so deeply important to me.. the recent hurts amidst the emergence of another sometimes leave me at such a loss, but do not our best of friendships remain steadfast through all? The past couple of weeks have brought much sadness amidst the moments of joy and daily I strive to hold to faith amidst the tears that sometimes visit my optimistic spirit and strength of faith. Daily I pray about the joys, and the heartaches the visit my journey... and too I am reminded amidst my strength and faith of the precious vulnerability sometimes visited in humanity.

Today though, I pay tribute to the joy our pets can bring. Midnight was a delightful cat that we got from an animal sanctuary when she was 6 months of age. She followed me everywhere, cuddled with me, and gave me the undivided attention and love that so many pets do. Sadly, she died just a week and a half ago... her buddy Mittens (our adorable polydactyl cat) had been looking all over the house for her friend. But a week later we found Mittens a delightful cuddly, affectionate cat (Jack). ... I share some pics above...

Do not animals/ pets become our family too?