Saturday, October 24, 2009

unexpected visit..

Amidst the recent unexpected visit of a longstanding health condition, I am mindful of the perplexing beauty, and complexity of the body, mind and spirit. Though normally so very healthy and one who tries to take utmost care of myself, ... perhaps sometimes we are reminded of our humanity? Our normally strong, self assured selves can visit places of pain, sadness and hurt and our emotions can ride the waves of time as we come to realize that which is held most dear and the precious nature of life. ... I have found during such times, that love of the Good Lord, Friends and family is so important as is spending time with those most loved. ... The mere sharing of a walk, talk, dinner, or even the smallest of blogs, emails, calls, and well wishes are so deeply appreciated. .. Perhaps there is beauty in coming to touch our vulnerabilities, sadnesses and pains amidst the eternal joy that can walk with us if we are grounded in faith, strength, and love?.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


we will always hold tenderness in the heart
in places
we hold the most beautiful blossoms
of love..