Thursday, August 11, 2011

the precious journey..

As I come to the blog, I am mindful how long it has been since I have been away.. I am grateful for all the new blog followers, thank you. ... It has been a wonderful summer of travel and time spent with friends and family, most recently a glorious time at the APA convention and time with friends in Washington D.C. ...

I came back invigorated, yet too had a stressful occurence at work today... one that left me in tears, coming to again realize the precious nature of the walk, and how much I hold passion for life, love, and a place of work I genuinely value. As we meet each day, let us remember the precious walk and those we love.

I know not the next time I will stop by, yet when I do stop the beautiful pictures and saying bring peace and warmth to the heart. ... It is as if a prayer in cyberspace.

May you all be well