Friday, September 3, 2010

Life's precious journey

I am grateful to be healing so well and too have been able to do a duathalon since the accident with a dear friend, and have spent many precious moments with those loved.. and too shared moments on the bike trails in the beauty of nature once again. Each step of improvement brings a smile yet I know it will be weeks before I can lift again. Yet I am so happy I wasn't brain injured and I am mindful of how important bike helmets are!
Yesterday I was informed of the suicide of a friend's mother on the same day a visionary in our profession died, just a few weeks after he was informed of the fact he had invasive cancer. In death I am again reminded of how precious life's journey is. I am so deeply grateful for the shared journey with those loved, and for the many precious times shared. Let us all remember to tell those we love, that we love them.
Is not life's path so deeply precious?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I stop by amidst the beauty of the summer and such gratitude for the precious times shared. I am tender just now as this week I had a difficult bike crash at about 18-20mph. After hitting a bridge that had a 1 inch lip, I flew off, hit the back of my head, and my left side. I'm told without the helmet I could have broken my neck or had a serious head injury. Thankfully no major bone breaks with the exception of a possible chip to the shoulder but I do have a sprained back, neck and several muscle and tendon tears. ... I am sore and feel a bit like I was hit by a bus (smile)... but hold to faith and optimism and am so deeply grateful I wasn't more seriously hurt.

Lets thank God for the precious nature of life!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Beauty

Oh how long it has been since I stopped by!... The summer is flying by and has afforded many beautiful times with friends and family and too amidst travel.. One of the beauties of being a professor is that I do have some freedom within the summer months. The first years of my faculty work I ignored the concept of a 9 month contract and worked fervently throughout the summer.. though certainly I don't take three months off, I have found that taking a good portion of a month off can be so deeply renewing as can the valued times with those loved.

The first pics are from biking adventures and a favorite camp in the North woods of Minnesota.. then onto the splendor of the Grand Canyon!..
Blessings to all who stop by!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memorable experience...

Though it has been so very long since I stopped by.. life has been busy but very good! Travels, projects, and time spent with those loved have kept me busy! I recently read on a blog venue the question of "what is one of the most memorable experiences of your life". .... It didn't take long to answer as though I have had so many wild, wonderful, romantic, loving, powerful experiences.. this is my answer...

Though I have been around less often lately as I have been amidst travel and too enjoying the summer, this question was met with incredible thought and feeling... I would say the most significant event was an incredible dream that I considered a miracle. ... I was only 14 but struggling with my mother's mental illness and though I was highly academic and highly successful in sports and other areas, inside I was hurting deeply. .. One night I had a dream that I died of cancer, went to heaven and the good Lord asked me if I had lived life as I wanted to. ... It was a powerful question and I woke up crying as it was though God was speaking to me. ... I bowed in prayer and tears and promised the good Lord I'd read the Bible end to end. .... Soon after I randomly opened the Bible and miraculously the page I turned to said if you make a vow to God you need to keep it. ... So I embarked on an 18 month journey and read the Bible from end to end. It changed my life forever. ... Though my life is not perfect by any means, and I have often been blatently reminded of my humanity, I have come to know that through faith joy is eternal and stages of happiness and sadness are temporal. .... Sometimes it is not always easy to discern the good Lord's word and voice, other times it is as apparent as can be. ... Yet I've learned that there is true joy through my Christian faith and that all spectrums of life can be so deeply beautiful.

Friday, April 2, 2010

a "Good Friday" to all...

As I come to the blog on this most significant day in my Christian faith, I engage on my 28th year of fasting and prayer on this Good Friday. As I think of the significance of this day, I am mindful that perhaps we all have places of hurt, heartache, and question that we need to heal. We too all have places we need to forgive, yet sometimes forgiveness is not always easy if behaviors continue, and/or if it comes in places we hold most dear or if someone has volitionally tried to hurt us. ... We too have places we perhaps all need to be forgiven and sometimes asking for such forgiveness is so very difficult. ... Today I bow in prayer amidst my joy in life, asking for healing in the precious places that need healing, and too offer a humbled thanks to the good Lord amidst the awesome sacrifice of Christ. .. Does not the love and grace of the good Lord bring pause, gratitude and awe?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

there are days...

As it is nearing 11pm (yes, the post time is always wrong below)... I stop to reflect and pray before bed. .. I was grateful for the day, a shared early Palm Sunday service, and for times that touch the soul...

There are days when we share with a deeply valued friend and spend time with those loved that we are reminded of the precious walk of life and the beautiful moments that throughout the years hold forever in the heart, minds, and time...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A revisit from the poetic song in my soul.. cat talk

In Memory of Midnight: 4/15/1997- 3/3/2010

Here's our adorable Polydactyl "Mittens" with our new cat- Casper Jack (his name was Casper but my daughter wanted it to be Jack after "Jack Johnson" :)

Our new cat- Casper Jack... the most affectionate cat you can imagine!

Here's Midnight with Oreo- Oreo died in 2007- also 13 at time of death

You can see why we call here "Mittens"

It has been some time since I stopped by in the powerful e-space. ... I humbly realize the past 6 months has brought me so much delight, and so much pain, joys, and tears, and perhaps in a small span of time has represented the hills and valleys we all go through in life. In addition to 2 hospitalizations a semi-unemployed husband, a car accident, difficulty with a hurtful act towards me (and a dear friend) from someone in a supervisory position and the stress that has culminated, the diagnosis of a tumor, and the death of my dearly loved cat... I too have to admit that there have been joys in times spent with those loved, in a couple delightful trips, and in the everlasting joy that comes in faith in the good Lord. ... I continue to pray for the outcome of the surgery, and too for a dear friendship so deeply important to me.. the recent hurts amidst the emergence of another sometimes leave me at such a loss, but do not our best of friendships remain steadfast through all? The past couple of weeks have brought much sadness amidst the moments of joy and daily I strive to hold to faith amidst the tears that sometimes visit my optimistic spirit and strength of faith. Daily I pray about the joys, and the heartaches the visit my journey... and too I am reminded amidst my strength and faith of the precious vulnerability sometimes visited in humanity.

Today though, I pay tribute to the joy our pets can bring. Midnight was a delightful cat that we got from an animal sanctuary when she was 6 months of age. She followed me everywhere, cuddled with me, and gave me the undivided attention and love that so many pets do. Sadly, she died just a week and a half ago... her buddy Mittens (our adorable polydactyl cat) had been looking all over the house for her friend. But a week later we found Mittens a delightful cuddly, affectionate cat (Jack). ... I share some pics above...

Do not animals/ pets become our family too?

Friday, February 12, 2010

An understanding heart is everything is a teacher, and cannot be esteemed highly enough. One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feeling. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul.
Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book of Eli-Powerful Lessons

Saw the movie the "Book of Eli" after talking with a dear friend. Though the movie is violent in some places, there are many powerful messages. ... I too am reminded of how many of the smallest things we take for granted. Within the movie, mere KFC clean wipes are like gold, water a precious commodity, and toys, vegetation, and children nearly non-existent. How often do we search for the bigger, better, brighter, glitzier? Yet it is the precious experiences, relationships, faith, hope and love of God, self and others that fuel the light within the journey.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vegas... much more versatile than anticipated!

Greetings all,

It has been a little while since I've stopped by as on a whim I found a wonderful deal (air and 4 days in a beautiful condo resort) outside of Vegas for only $270/person! I couldn't believe it! Though we don't gamble, we saw the Cirque Du Soleil Beetles Love show, and my husband and daughter thought it the most spectacular thing they've ever seen... we too enjoyed tours of casinos, free shows, wonderful food, a tour of Hoover Dam and lake Mead and hikes in the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon.... What beauty!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can you Hear Me?

Can you Hear Me?
She cries
as the Earth Trembles On
Mother Where are You?
Where Have you Gone?

I'm Hungry and Thirsty
Please Someone Hear
I'm Hurting and Alone
Please, Come Here

Silence Responds
Her House has Collapsed
It seems as though Days
With No One
Has Elapsed

Why, oh Why
This Tragedy?
Someone Please Hear...
Please Help Me

Will we Respond
To the Calls of our Friends?
Will we Send Help
and Restore Hope Again?

For If Each one Heard
and Responded to the Call
We can Send Food and Water
Assistance for All

Let us Bow Down in Prayer
for our Fellow Haitians
Let us Send our Assistance
And Restore Hope Again

Can you Hear Me?
She Cries
as the Earth Trembles On
Mother Where are You
Where have You Gone?


I again humbly pray for those in Haiti and that we all may offer assistance. A mere text HAITI to 90999 will send $10 via your phone bill to the Red Cross. Or to

There are so many ways, I pray we may each help.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Decade Starts Tomorrow!!.. Perspectives of life, health and devastation

Greetings All,

I pray you are well. ... As the new year and decade were upon us I thought, great, healthy start! As previously shared I wound up with a freak accident banging my head, wound up in the hospital the second time in a month... (the other due to congenital issues), and today was in a car accident with a HUMMER! Toyota Camry, vs. Hummer... guess who wins?! It has been 12 years since my serious car accident where I was nearly killed and 10 years since I've gotten a traffic violation.. (knock on wood). No violation today, but I've decided I need to start my decade tomorrow :). ..... As one who tries to take such good care, remains exceedingly fit for my 45 year old body, I am mindful that perhaps as folks said, I have 9 lives. ... Yet too, I must maintain faith, hope and optimism as I am so grateful I wasn't more seriously hurt today. I too think of how we must all stop, pray and be mindful of the devastation in Haiti. If we all take the time even to give what we can through the Red Cross or some of the other relief agencies, we can make such a difference. I promise to help out, won't you too?

I guess no matter that which we hold as "a bad day".. there is always perspective taking, and the mere sight of the devastation in Haiti brings me to my knees.

May you all be well
Peace and Blessings

Monday, January 4, 2010

Delayed Greetings...

Greetings all,

I'm sorry to be so long to post... the holidays provided much enjoyment with friends and family but sadly while amidst travel in Wisconsin I took a hit to the head a couple days ago and wound up spending last night in the hospital yet again (2nd time in a month)... It's funny... no matter how hard we try to take care of ourselves, be healthy, workout, be optimistic, and stay fit, sometimes congenital issues paired with freak accidents bring us to the curve balls of life. ... No matter what comes along, I am mindful of the precious nature of the journey.

Prayers to all of you for a beautiful new year. Perhaps it a couple days I'll post my "resolutions" poem :)