Sunday, May 6, 2012

I come to the blog humbled and touched by the many visitors and followers.... in visiting my dashboard I was touched by all the visitors even though I have been absent. ... thanks!  Yes, it has been much time since I stopped by, yet too I maintain various personal journals and writings but I find this soulful space touching.  Thank you for visiting. 

My daughter and I recently started a class bridging Buddhist meditation with Christian faith. .. I myself espouse to my Christian faith as something very powerful and the fuel of my life and love. Yet too, I am drawn by the principles of mindfulness meditation, compassion, and peace in the Buddhist tradition.  Though some would say they don't fully align, I would assert that grace, love, faith, and peace are so integral to both, and to life, love, and well being.  ... I too find that in my busy life that not only is fervent prayer with the good Lord important, yet too the mere focus on breath, being, and the moment. ...

Prayers that you all find your peace... and that you feel the compassion and love of others