Friday, January 2, 2009

Thoughts on the Perplexity of Health...

I just read the news that John Travolta's 16 year old son died following a seizure. ... Though the heart always responds for those who lose children... this one hit me hard as too it was a seizure (behind the wheel) that killed my brother when he broke through his medications. Epilepsy continues to perplex the medical field. I am mindful of how amazing medicine is, yet too how much we know compared to a decade ago, and how little we know compared to a decade from now. ... The heart grows tender as thoughts of my dear brother revisit just now. As posted on my Christmas blog.. the holiday season brings such joy in spending time with those loved... yet too when we lose someone in this world pre-maturely via early death, and/or when grandparents, friends, and loved ones have died, rituals, routines, and the tides of the seasons change, and they are missed.

I bow in prayer today for the Travolta family and their pain

and too say a prayer of thanks for 30 wonderful years with dear Brian...

Sometimes the heart grows tender

yet is there not such beauty in relationships, life, and love?

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