Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Surprise....

Yes, reality hit this morn... look what showed up this morn... the snow laden view looking back by the deck and pool:

Breath of Snow...

Snow falls down
on springs new dawn
soft til white
upon the lawn

Childlike moods
within awake
taunting what?
a spring snow flake?

Ye laugh today
in April' born
lookin somewhat more
like Christmas morn

Just smile within
the childlike heart
it'll all soon melt
in winter's part

and spring life breathe
within awake
hello fresh sun
good bye snow flake!!!


  1. Yes, this is lovely, indeed.

  2. Wow great photos and poem! Do you publish? Where do you live that it snows this late? Alaska? LOL

    Did like the poem though, glad I found your site thanks!

  3. Terrific photos! Snow's last little hello before spring blooms forth. A wonderful poem reminding us of this time of transition. So glad that I visited your lovely blog!

  4. Thanks to all for your kind comments...
    yes, poetry sings in the soul