Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vegas... much more versatile than anticipated!

Greetings all,

It has been a little while since I've stopped by as on a whim I found a wonderful deal (air and 4 days in a beautiful condo resort) outside of Vegas for only $270/person! I couldn't believe it! Though we don't gamble, we saw the Cirque Du Soleil Beetles Love show, and my husband and daughter thought it the most spectacular thing they've ever seen... we too enjoyed tours of casinos, free shows, wonderful food, a tour of Hoover Dam and lake Mead and hikes in the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon.... What beauty!


  1. hi there, i read your poetry and thoughts, they are so honest, and congrats for such a nice trip, this sounds so exciting.. thanks for taking some time out and coming over to my blog. your comment means a lot to me! hope you enjoy your time to the fullest!

    lots of love Naqvee

  2. How wonderful!! The trip sounds terrific :) I love all the pictures. Gorgeous. I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourself.

  3. Thanks for the kind responses.. yes, the trip was wonderful!