Friday, April 2, 2010

a "Good Friday" to all...

As I come to the blog on this most significant day in my Christian faith, I engage on my 28th year of fasting and prayer on this Good Friday. As I think of the significance of this day, I am mindful that perhaps we all have places of hurt, heartache, and question that we need to heal. We too all have places we need to forgive, yet sometimes forgiveness is not always easy if behaviors continue, and/or if it comes in places we hold most dear or if someone has volitionally tried to hurt us. ... We too have places we perhaps all need to be forgiven and sometimes asking for such forgiveness is so very difficult. ... Today I bow in prayer amidst my joy in life, asking for healing in the precious places that need healing, and too offer a humbled thanks to the good Lord amidst the awesome sacrifice of Christ. .. Does not the love and grace of the good Lord bring pause, gratitude and awe?


  1. Hi Kringle !!
    so lovely , sincere and truth post .
    thank you for this .
    God bless you .
    Caio .

  2. I'm praying for healing too.

    Happy Easter Kringle to you and your family. God bless you.

  3. Thank you for reminding me about the importance and challenges of forgiveness.

    Many blessings and Happy Easter Kringle.

  4. Thanks so much to all of you for stopping.. I wish you many blessings!

  5. As you note the things you seek, I'm reminded of Christ's promise... "Seek and you shall find..."

    Happy Easter!