Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Lovely Blog...

a favorite beautiful place... and a favorite time.. in Australia
Heartfelt Thanks to September Mom who Listed this blog as a "One Lovely Blog" award.. on her beautiful blog: My Voice, My View

I am touched....

Let's all take time out
and consider that which brings us beauty
and love
to the depths of our souls




  1. Kringle - thanks for your kind comment about my blog. And congratulations on your blogging award! I equally love your "About me" - it feels a little like a mission statement, and a wonderful one at that! Making a positive difference is key. I'm glad to have crossed paths. I agree with the challenges/joy balance. To know one, you must know the other.

    Best to you tomorrow (it's Friday, after all!)

  2. Your blog truly is lovely in so many ways! I'm so often touched by what you share here:)

  3. This is a lovely image of the Storey Bridge in Brisbane, Queensland - this is where I'm fortunate enough to live and have done for many years. It's lovely to see the 'City Cats' moving (almost) silenty if you can use your imagination :) ferrying people across the river and up and down the river's course for sheer enjoyment.
    I'm having a proud moment. Von

  4. Thanks to all for your kind comments... to LMN, you are very welcome. To Septembermom in appreciation and to Von,.... yes I have forever tender wonderful memories of Australia