Friday, May 8, 2009

The tender touch of Humanity

Chinese friendship garden, Sydney

Do you every touch your tenderest of humanities
as tears fill your eyes in the dance
of the joy and the sadnesses that are the instruments
that play the melody of life?

Do you ever contemplate how love can be so powerful
that the Good Lord sent dear Jesus in grace and love beyond words
Do you ever stop and tenderly touch the loves in your own heart
that are too powerful for words?

Do you ever touch your deepest vulnerabilities
those that hold most meaning
and bring you to touch the gentle questions
of the walk

Do you ever drop to your knees in prayer
in awe
and contemplate the beauty of life
Do you ever?


  1. You write with such conviction and feeling. Powerful and moving. Thought provoking poem!

  2. thanks so much for your kind stop.. it is much appreciated!

  3. Hi. I linked here from My Voice My View and to their from Mervat's site - tracing the blog award we all just received. You have a nice site. Do you write much of this poetry? It is very good. Yes, I "Do ... drop to (my) knees in prayer in awe and contemplate the beauty of life." This was a great line.

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