Saturday, June 6, 2009


I am mindful the beautiful gift of friendship... though we walk through life and in an out of so many people's lives, it is the depth of life long, loving best friends that provides support through the journey. .. Today much nostalgia has visited as sometimes memories bring us to the heights of delight, and the sweet pangs of sadness, yet isn't there beauty in every walk of the journey?

I was searching for a quote in one of my massive compilations of favorite quotes I compiled throughout the years. .. Amidst my search I came upon another quote... it is one I wrote back in 2003 as I bowed in gratitude for a new special friend... ironically it was a quote that came to me in a conversation with God.. . Sometimes prayer brings such wonders to life. ...

Here is the quote:

“Friendship is a gift that affords two people to walk together through the challenges, joys, and adventures of life, celebrating each other in the journey” --

(written by me... yet perhaps a gift from God, amidst a deeply cherished friendship and shared journey)


  1. Lovely quote! I like the idea of walking hand in hand with my friend through all of life's ups and downs. Never tiring of each other. Feeling liberated in that friendship. Thank you Kringle.

  2. This quote speaks to the true meaning of friendship. I am ever so protective of my friendships because they are an incredible gift that is bestowed upon us. Friends are the greatest blessing. Thank you for that lovely quote. Is it ok if I add it to the list of favorite quotes on my blog?