Sunday, June 21, 2009

your dad...

So I'm curious, if anyone stops by, what is your favorite memory of your dad?....

Despite mom's mental illness, and my brother's disabilities, my dad always has kept an optimistic view of life and strived to live life fully. ... My favorite memories stem from the fact that although an executive and very busy man. He always found time to spend time with my brother and me... to teach us silly games, bring us on adventures and to show us the world through travel, story, and exploration... Now that I'm grown, I have developed a deep respect for how selflessly he has lived life, yet how many friends he has formed along the way!!


  1. A great father is always there for his kids in joy and love. Beautiful tribute to your dad.

  2. Thanks for your kind stop!

  3. Favorite memory - taking us hunting and fishing in the mountains and woods of Vermont, coaching our baseball teams, and talks. I since have tried to do that for my three.

  4. Ah yes, dads and the exploration of nature :)... I'm glad you too are doing that for your kids!

  5. very sweet post kringle :-)
    my dad is my best friend, i love him so much (
    and he just like ur's takes me out for nature treks and zoo's.. which i so like !

  6. Thanks for stopping by to share! :)