Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas thoughts...

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As I just posted a comment on a friend's blog yet it hasn't yet shown up. I found it ironic that his post was somewhat akin to that which I planned to post. ... As Christmas is upon us, I am mindful of the waves of time as the Holiday celebrations of Christmas span through the years, yet the nature of the celebration changes as we age and the relationships in our life grow, change, and too reflect the passing of time.

Celebrations used to be large family gatherings as I grew up... yet I am mindful as my grandparents have all ventured on to the great Heavenly hiway, and especially since my brother died, Christmas just isn't the same... yet certainly still has its own beauty.

Is it not interesting how Christmas, the celebration of the most beautiful gift, brings feelings of love, joy, and yet too perhaps sadness in the missing of those loved? .... Sometimes beauty is not only reflected in that which we hold most dear and in the love in our hearts. ... yet too there is beauty in the tender twinges that grace the heart... because though sadness sometimes comes in the missing, what beauty in that the missing reflects a love in our hearts.

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Merry Christmas

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