Sunday, December 28, 2008

God Talk

I attended a thought provoking church service this morn. ... though I stumble and fall at times, and I strive to always live life fervently, I am so very human. Yet it is my faith that is the driving force of my life. The pastor talked this morning of the voice of God and how too often we don't open the door to hearing His will and word. I have personally known, felt and witnessed the overwhemling word of God, sometimes very subtlely, and at others times as if the Good Lord were shouting from a mountain top. ... Yet too I am mindful that perhaps at times amidst my desire to share my heart, my thoughts, and my gentle questions, I haven't paused enough to "listen" to God talk. ... So often within my heart, my joys, my sadnesses, my fervency, I want to talk, to pray, yet sometimes in the depths of conversation with God, I fail to really listen. ... I am hopeful in the coming year amidst the love of life, those most loved, and the Good Lord, I will take more time to listen, to "God Talk". There is such beauty in the journey, and in the ability to sit down to talk with God about anything at all. Sometimes in the depths of the heart, we just need to pause and listen to God's peace, solace, and gentle whisper. ... How beautiful the ability to think, to feel, to cry, to laugh, and to love. How beautiful the journey in conversation with the Good Lord. ... How beautiful to share one's innermost heart and tenderest of questions... and to pause, to listen, to hear...

God's gentle whisper

...Prayers and warmth to anyone who may visit.

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