Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funny how the tender...

As I visited tonight the home of one of three people in my life whom I have considered soul mates, I couldn't help but consider the special nature of the Christmas season and how it brings the deepest tendernesses of the heart. There is such joy in the message of Christmas; such joy in the gift of Christmas. Yet too there sometimes are sweet tinges of those we miss, those who have gone on before us, and in considering those who struggle this time of year. As Christmas eve is upon us, my heart's wishes are for beauty and peace to gently wash the nation and the world, and for the happiness of those most dearly loved. ... Perhaps the heart feels drawn to post in my more personal journal just now-- yet too, sometimes tendernesses and that which is held in the heart and soul transcends words. ...

Yet how beautiful the transcendent

how beautiful the gentle touch of Christmas

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