Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On Life, Death and that which fills the journey...

Having just visited a neighbors... tenderness enters as we just learned about a month ago he has only 3 months to live. At his current relatively young age of 54, he was recently informed he has stage 4 cancer.... Life as he knew it a couple months ago forever changed and now he has less than two months to live. ... Is life not perplexing sometimes? ... Yet perhaps especially amidst hardship and sadness we come to realize that which we hold closest to the heart. ... The steadfast friendships, the things we love to do, the people we love, and the faith we hold. ...

Yeah life is precious

each step of the walk....

May Carl live his last days in peace

may he look back and find the beauty in his footsteps

and may he know he was surrounded in love, friendship

and will continue to be so

as the Good Lord wraps his arms around him..


  1. I am sorry. I will pray for Carl.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, it is much appreciated.