Monday, March 23, 2009

Tears of a Stranger

While visiting a friend, I stopped to eat lunch at a local establishment today, there was a homeless woman who was clearly mentally ill walking around. I watched her for but a little, yet then chose to divert my attention to my lunch. The Italian eatery gave me far too much and so I proceeded to the garbage planning to throw it out... As the food fell, the homeless woman rushed, yet it was too late... she actually wanted my uneaten food. I felt so bad. I watched her proceed to silently turn and sit down on the corner. I fought back tears as I reached for a ten dollar bill, handed it to her, and said, please buy yourself lunch. She wept; and wept. I didn't know what to stay, I just stood there with her, letting her know someone cared. ... she then proceeded into line, and bought herself lunch. As I thought in prayer, why is it so often we shun the homeless and mentally ill? ... How would it be if I were that woman sitting and wishing to grab a kernel of food from a stranger? ... And how do we individually and collectively work to help those who hurt, those who are homeless, those who wish to have someone reach out? ... Perhaps the face of God greeted me today.. it leaves me humbled and in prayer.

A tiny morsal
of caloric good..
leaves most of us
without second thought

Yet what of the woman
who sits alone?
What of the homeless
who seeks a home?

What of the child
who says, "mom please more"...
where and how
can we open the door

What of those
who cry inside
what of those
who wish to hide

Can we not hear
can we not see
can we not listen
to the smallest of plea?

Humanity visits
in the plenty just now
as I pray dear Lord
please show me how
To extend a hand
to dry a tear
to quench a thirst
and alleviate fear

I bow in prayer
humbled in whole
please be with
all the hurting souls
Take my hand
let it extend
may I be a window
and say "I can"
May I make a difference
for even just one
Please oh Lord..
Let your work be done


  1. Hi from Australia

    Thank you for your kind act, your empathy and your reflection. It is people like you that make life a little easier for the mentally ill.

    I have had schizophrenia, and physical ill health, for seven years. I was one of the luckier ones as I had a wealthy and loving family and a caring church, and God!, to help me.

    Not everyone has those resources.

    I agree that it would be good if you could pray for the homeless and the mentally ill, and also encourage others to do so.

    God Bless


  2. Thank you for sharing your story Amber... I hold many fond memories of Australia and sharing it with others... what a beautiful plce. I will hold you in my prayers as my mother has schizophrenia as well and I too have worked with several folks that have been diagnosed. Prayers to you in your journey.. I am grateful for your sharing