Friday, March 27, 2009

prayer request

Greetings to Any Blog Visitors...

Both Minnesota and North Dakota residents are scrambling as the flooding paired with difficult weather has caused much damage already and the flood waters have not yet peaked. Thankfully many of the hospital and nursing home residents have been evacuated, yet too we need to pray for the safety of all and that the damage will be minimized. Any prayers would be appreciated...
Thank You and Blessings
(Photo courtesy Mn TPT)


  1. When you're sitting in a warm, cozy home you sometimes take it for granted. My Lord, that picture is something. I don't watch the news, had no idea. Please know that my prayers sent. Carmen

  2. Thanks so much for your kind stop Carmen... I want you to know I stopped by your site and I very much enjoy your messages.... I continue to stop to view your beautiful messages.

    Thanks for the prayers.
    BLessings to you

  3. Oh my and I think our Winters are cold here!